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Company profile

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  Guangdong Biaozhi Hardware Co, Ltd is a modem enterprise with 30 years production history, whichspecializes in manufacturing all kinds of fumiture hardware accessories, such as concealed hinges, ball bearing slides and door hinges. After many years of development, now we have 3 moder production plants of over 50-thousand square meters for manufacturing hardware, respectively located in the YuHu Test area, Xianjiao Xima and Rongdong Dongxiang Industry of Jieyang City in Guangdong Province, where the geography location is excellent, taffc and communication are quite convenient.
  Our products,especially the name brands of "Bizozhi", "Ge' er" , "Gelandeng" ,"OUPU" ,"Jiafule","Haoyong",Fugui Door","Gelan" ,"Xizhinian" ,"Tai' er" are found in the hardware market of domestic and abroad,approved and trusted by our large customers,one of the brand "Biaozhi" has won the award of "The Famous Trademarks Of Guangdong Proveince"。We,always eyes on management of product quality and it is the first one to pass the Intermnational Quality System ISO9001 Certificated among the industry in 2000,moreover, got a 10-year
continuous cognition in China as an enterprise of "Abiding by Contract,Keeping faith."
  Based on the spirit of "Venture Innovation and Advance in Steday" , we are the champion in the domestic industry to import the auto advanced equipments with the most automatic technique in industry in China. Simultaneously, we reinforce the manufacture management and strictly hold the quality pass. After the entire reconstruction, we has showed itself in the drastic competition market for stable quality, quick delivery and predominant price, and now under a steady development.
  Our company would take up with the constantly improvement on the product production technique and quality. Furthermore, we are always doing research and developing new products to enhance our competitiveness in the marketWe,going ahead along the direction of moder enterprise with time. Serving all circles person according to the enterprise tenet of "Sincerity, Practice Excellent Quality and High Eficiengy".
  Forecast to the future,the staff of our company shall dedicate to the managementscience and technology innovation,and deepen the reform with better products and services to promote the brand to thank our old or new customers for their multi-years' support and favor. You, no matter home of foreign customer,are always welcomed to come here visiting and directing.

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